Board of Adjustment

In contrast to the Planning Board, the Board of Adjustment is in charge of non-permitted activities within the Engineering Department. The Board deals with the issuance of variances, which are based on the municipality’s zoning ordinance. The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to provide relief from zoning requirements that cannot be satisfied. Requests for relief are not based upon policy, but the ability of an applicant to prove his or her case. The zoning board must make decisions as a judge does in court.

The Board of Adjustment meets once per month on the third Tuesday of the month. However, the meeting schedule may vary due to Township holidays and other conflicts. The schedule is set at the first meeting of each year, held in early January. Meetings start at 6:30 PM.

MemberNameTerm of Appointment
ChairmanAnthony Fonseca2016-2019
Vice-ChairmanGreg Roth2016-2019
MemberMark Cunningham2014-2017
MemberSteven Hockstein2014-2017
MemberLou Monaco2016-2018
(Unexpired appointment)
MemberDan Poltrock2017-2020
MemberDavid Schnur2015-2018
Alternate IJodi Luciani2017-2018
Alternate IIMatt Glass2016-2017
(Unexpired appointment)
Board SecretaryJennifer Law
Board EngineerArthur Elias
Board PlannerRobert Michaels
Board AttorneyKeith Loughlin