The Springfield Fire Department is committed to providing the highest level of public safety services to our community. We protect lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention and public education.

The Springfield Fire Department provides structural fire suppression, fire code enforcement, first responder medical service, operational level rescue service, operational level hazardous materials service and public fire prevention education. The Fire Department responds from a single station with two engine companies, one ladder company, one rescue company and a foam tender.

The Firefighters and Fire Officers are certified in accordance with the NJ Division of Fire Safety for Firefighter 1 and 2, Fire Inspector, Fire Officer 1 and Incident Management Systems, in addition they are certified by the NJ Department of Health as Emergency Medical Technicians. The Fire Department has specialized training in hazardous materials, flammable liquid, confined space and trench rescue. Springfield houses a 4,000-gallon foam tender as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative.

The Springfield Fire Department has 22 Career Firefighters under the command of the Chief of the Department. The Fire Department is organized into four duty tours under the operational management of the Administrative Fire Captain. The Fire Department is currently organized with four duty tours working a 24-hour on, 72-hour off, schedule. The duty tours are comprised of four career Firefighters and supervised by a Fire Captain. The Fire Department responds to an average of 2,000 calls per year.

Fire Apparatus

Engine 2

Engine 3

Ladder 1

Rescue 1

Foam Tender

Hummer 1

1933 Diamond “T” Chemical Pumper


Reverend Remo A. Madsen
Township of Springfield Fire Department
200 Mountain Avenue
Springfield, New Jersey 07081
201-207-1085 Cellular


Reverendchaplain Remo A. Madsen
Township of Springfield Fire Department
200 Mountain Avenue
Springfield, New Jersey 07081
201-207-1085 Cellular



What is a Fire Department Chaplain?

A chaplain provides a spiritual presence linking both the department and public together in the common goal of seeking to protect life, property, health and well – being. A chaplain’s role is to represent God in a way that is inclusive, respectful and sensitive to all faith traditions, regardless of church, religion, or philosophy. He or she operates on the belief that all people are spiritual beings while everyone may not be connected to an organized religion. He is present to respond to the different emotional or spiritual needs that arise. The chaplain is a person in the department with whom conversations can be held in complete confidentiality.

It is a pleasure to serve as chaplain of the Springfield Fire Department. My responsibilities include:

  • Being a pastoral presence to the fire fighters and their families.
  • Celebrating religious ceremonies, conducting invocations at department functions such as awards ceremonies, dinners, dedications and other events.
  • Extend the good will of our department to firefighters everywhere I meet them.
  • Providing confidential counseling with those struggling with issues of crisis, loss and/or stress.
  • Visiting those who are sick or hospitalized.
  • Praying for the members of, and services provided by the Fire Department… When the pager sounds, I pray for the tour that is responding as well as for those whom the Firefighters are going to assist.
  • Attending the scene of a fire or accident as necessary and upon request.
  • After traumatic events, being part of the debriefing process.
  • Being “on call” for anyone in the Fire Department in times of crisis.
  • Being available to listen to the problems and concerns within the Department and to share the grief, sorrows, and the joys, both individually and collectively.

A Firefighters Prayer

When I’m called to duty God
wherever flames may rage
give me strength to save a life
whatever be its age.

Help me to embrace a little child
before it is too late
or save an older person
from the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert
to hear the weakest shout
and quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me
to guard my neighbor and
protect his property.

And if according to your will
I have to lose my life
bless with your protecting hand
my children and my wife.

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Springfield Fire Department table of organization includes a Fire Prevention Bureau. The Fire Official oversees the Bureau. In addition, a part-time Administrative Assistant processes fire safety permits, violation reports, and Applications for Certificates of Carbon Monoxide Compliance. The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety requires the inspections of Commercial, Industrial, Health Care, Special Residential and Educational Occupancies. These inspections are performed so that hazards can be identified and corrected. The life hazard inspections are conducted by the duty tours. The non-life hazard inspections are conducted by a part-time civilian Fire Inspector.

Certificate of Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance:

If you are selling or renting a residence, you are required to have an inspection and certificate of compliance. The process is as follows:

  • Ensure all construction permits are closed.  Obtain certification from the Building Department. A request can be submitted online at the Building Department website. Appointments for inspection by the Fire Prevention Bureau will not be scheduled until all permits are closed.
  • An application can be downloaded below.
  • The completed application can be mailed or dropped off at Fire Headquarters.  Permit certification and inspection fee must be included.
  • The inspection fee is $100.00.  If the closing is in less than 10 business days, but more than 4 business days, the fee is $120.00, and if it is less than 4 business days, the fee is $175.
  • The Certificate of Compliance will remain valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue unless the occupancy or ownership of the dwelling changes in the interim.

The Springfield Fire Prevention Bureau can be reached weekdays at 973-376-1740, by mail at 200 Mountain Ave, Springfield NJ 07081, or via e-mail at Any documents or reports may be faxed to the Fire Prevention Bureau’s secure fax number at 973-912-2223.

Knox Box Requirements

Township Code 2-42.13 Rapid Response Key Boxes.

            (a) All new privately owned or public nonresidential buildings in the township, or existing nonresidential buildings which undergo a substantial renovation which requires that a new certificate of occupancy be issued or which is subject to a change in use as defined in the Uniform Construction Code or has a change in tenancy shall be equipped with a rapid response key box at a location approved by the Township Fire Official. The key box shall be a UL type and size approved by the Township Fire Official.

(b) Relative to the “change in tenancy” referenced in paragraph (a) above, the Township Fire Official shall have the right to waive the requirement to install the required rapid response key box if the Township Fire Official finds, in his/her sole judgment, that the new tenancy is of the size, type or other characteristic that can safely exist without the installation of the said rapid response key box.

(c) Rapid Response Key Boxes. The Rapid Response Key Boxes shall contain the following:

  1. Keys to all locked points of egress;
  2. Keys to the locked mechanical rooms;
  3. Keys to the locked elevator rooms;
  4. Keys to elevator controls; and
  5. Keys to any other areas that may be required by the Township Fire Official.

(d) Time for Compliance. No certificate of occupancy shall be issued for any new nonresidential building or existing building which is required to install a rapid response key box hereby until the rapid response key box called for therein has been installed and the same contains the items referred to in subsection 2-42.13b above.


Safety Links


The Springfield Fire Department recognizes the need to educate the residents of Springfield in home and fire safety.  These links may lead to public organizations and/or private company web sites. The Springfield Fire Department does not offer a recommendation on any product or service that these entities may offer. Use of these sites is for your informational purpose only. Please regularly view these sites for updated information.


Volunteer Department

As a combination Fire Department, Volunteer Firefighters are a component in rendering fire protection to the Township. Each Volunteer Firefighter is required to complete the NJ State Firefighter 1 & 2 Training Program which consists of approximately 317 hours of classroom and hands-on training. An additional 15 hours of service duty per month as well as attending departmental drills.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Application
    • Minimum Age 18
    • High School Diploma
    • Springfield Residency
      • Interview with Fire Chief
      • Criminal Background Check
      • Psychological Evaluation
      • Medical Fitness as per NFPA 1582
      • Appointment by Township Committee

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter please call the Administrative Fire Captain 973-912-2282.



On February 3, 1906, at a meeting of the Township’s Citizens, a resolution was passed to incorporate the “Springfield Volunteer Fire Department, Company Number One”. Citizens were very nervous about the possibility of a fire since major fires had occurred in various cities across the country. Funding for the Department was raised by selling shares or insurance policies to the various interested citizens at the initial cost of $2.00 per share.

The thirty-five charter members acquired its’ first piece of apparatus with the purchase of a hand-drawn hose reel. Help in pulling this was done by the men, as well as, citizens and at times the Morris County Traction Company would allow the Volunteers to hook the cart to the back of the trolley.

The original firehouse was located at 295 Morris Avenue. It remained as the Headquarters until 1921, when it was relocated to Caldwell place, in what is now the rear of Town Hall on Mountain Avenue. This small three-bay facility was the home of Fire Headquarters until 2004 when a new facility was completed at 200 Mountain Avenue, which consists of five bays facing Mountain Avenue and three bays facing the rear of the building. This new building is shared with the Office of Emergency Management, which relocated from the Sarah Bailey Civic Center located on Church Mall.



old firehouse


Some of the original fire apparatus – the Hose Reel and a 1933 Diamond “T” Chemical Pumper are still owned by the Department and are used for parades and Fire Prevention Week displays.

In 1929, the Township was faced with the need for increased daytime fire coverage. Many of the volunteers were business owners and others were struggling for work due to the Depression and had to venture into the cities in search of employment. This economic condition impacted the Department’s ability to provide fire protection. A small staff of full-time Career Firefighters was hired to supplement the Volunteers.

During the period from the 1940’s until around the 1960’s a corps of Reserve Firefighters was established under the Civil Defense program. The unit supplemented the Department during the available manpower shortages caused by World War II and the Korean War. The members of the reserves were eventually given membership as Volunteer Firefighters.

Today, the Springfield Fire Department has 22 Career Firefighters, and three civilian personnel under the command of the Fire Chief. The Fire Department is organized into four duty tours under the operational management of an Administrative Captain. The Fire Department is currently organized with four duty tours working a 24 hour on, 72 hour off, schedule. The duty tours are comprised of four Firefighters and supervised by a Fire Captain. The duty tour staffs the first-due engine with a minimum manning of three career members; the Department relies on recalled off-duty career personnel and volunteer firefighters to staff the remaining units.

Today the department consists of a Fire Chief, four Captains, and fourteen career line Firefighters.

Roster of Fire Chiefs

 David Jeakens 1906 to 1909
 Ross A. Tells 1910
 John Quick 1910
 Frank Clark 1912
 Irving Sickley 1913
 Charles Ruby   1914 to 1916
 Edward Ruban  1917 to 1919
 George Parsell 1920 to 1922
 George Sisco  1923 to 1930
 Charles Pinkava 1931 to 1952   1st Career Chief
 Charles Schilling 1953 to 1958
 Ormond W. Mesker  1958 to 1969
 Rovert Day  1969 to 1979
 Edwin Erskine  1979 to 1983
 R.T. Johnson 1983 to 1988
 Gerard P. Richelo 1989 to 1992
 William Gras  1992 to 2004
 Donald C. Schwerdt Jr. 2004 to 2006
Wayne Masiello 2006 to 2008
James G. Sanford 2008 to 2014
Carlo Palumbo  2014 to present


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