Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor is responsible for the equitable assessment of all real estate and manages tax appeals in the Township. The Tax Assessor is also responsible for maintaining the equitable assessment of all properties including new construction, improvements to existing construction, demolitions and major and minor subdivisions within the municipality. Other responsibilities include processing deeds, processing building permits for assessment purposes, maintaining and updating assessment records, complying with all county and state mandated regulations, handling appeals (including accumulating income and expense records for tax appeal defense at the Union County Board of Taxation and the New Jersey State Tax Court), processing applications for exemptions or deductions, and compiling financial and other assessment data. A number of factors are considered when properties are being assessed such as quality of construction, number of square feet, condition, and location. If an improvement is done to a property such as an addition, the property would be reassessed according to its increase in value. Property owners seeking reductions in their assessment may file an appeal on or before April 1st of each tax year to the Union County Board of Taxation or the New Jersey Tax Court.

Tax and assessment information can also be attained by visiting the Union County Taxation Board website at