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Department Description Phone Number
AdministrationThe Office of the Township Administrator is the focal point of the administrative operations. The Township Administrator is responsible for the day to day operations and overall management of the Township’s workforce, supervising and coordinating the work of all municipal departments. The Administrator is appointed by the Township Committee to implement the policies established by the Governing body.
(973) 912-2202
Township ClerkThe Township Clerk serves as the Secretary of the municipal corporation and to the governing body, providing a variety of administrative and community relations services for them. The Office receives, distributes and assigns correspondence on behalf of the Mayor and Township Committee, prepares Township meeting agendas, resolutions, proclamations, ordinances and public meeting minutes. The Clerk administers the bidding and awarding of municipal contracts. The Clerk maintains official Township files, records and also oversees a variety of licenses and certifications: liquor, raffles, food licenses, sidewalk cafes, livery, health club, used car lots and vending machine licenses. The Township Clerk acts as the local election administrator for the certification of documents related to primary and general elections.(973) 912-2201
Construction / BuildingThe Construction and Building Office enforces the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey that is administrated by the Construction Official. The Office also includes the Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Sub code Officials and Inspectors which serve to enforce the various codes adopted by the Uniform Construction Code. Construction permits are required for most projects in strict accordance with the requirements of the State of New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (NJAC 5:23). Please contact the Construction and Building Office if you are unsure as to what approvals and permits will be required for your planned projects.(973) 912-2220
Engineering / Planning and Zoning BoardsPrepares plans and designs specifications for public works projects and consults the Department of Public Works regarding routine repair and maintenance of Township infrastructure. Supervises operation, maintenance, and repair of the Township’s infrastructure projects (i.e. drainage improvements, road improvements, etc.). Inspects major development projects that received Planning Board or Board of Adjustment approvals. Prepare grant applications from County, State and Federal sources. The Construction office is part of the Engineering Department.(973) 912-2219
(973) 912-2221
Finance DepartmentThe Treasurer's office administers the financial affairs of the Township, including purchasing, general accounting, salary and benefits administration, investments, preparation of bond issues as well as the accounting of all Township capital projects. The Tax Collector and Tax Assessor, Purchasing and Water/Sewer Revenue collection are part of the Finance Department.(973) 912-2279
First Aid SquadThe Springfield Volunteer First Aid Squad, Inc. is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to providing emergency medical services (EMS), non-emergency ambulance transportation and safety training to the community. Staffed by volunteers and are funded through private contributions, all services are provided free of charge to the public(973) 376-2040
HealthHealth Department provides public health activities as described in the “Public Health Practice Standards For Local Boards Of Health In New Jersey.” Effective December 1, 2012 the Township of Springfield has entered into a shared service agreement with the Borough of Madison, Department of Health to provide all State Recognized Public Health Activities and Minimum Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey under NJAC 8:52-1.1 et seq. Services provided by the Health Department include community public health, enforcement of environmental health, public health nursing, health education and provisions for maintaining vital statistics records of births, deaths and marriages that occur within the Township.(973) 593-3079
66 Mountain Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081
(973) 376-4930
Municipal CourtMunicipal Courts are statutory courts of limited jurisdiction having responsibility for motor vehicle traffic violations, disorderly and petty disorderly criminal offenses, municipal and county ordinance violations, certain penalty enforcement codes, health code violations and all other proceedings within the territorial jurisdiction of the Township. Practice and procedures are governed by New Jersey Court Rules and the Municipal Court Judge is responsible for overseeing the administration of his or her Municipal Court. Springfield’s Municipal Court Judge is the Honorable Jonathan Rosenbluth.(973) 912-2213
Police DepartmentThe Springfield Police Department mission is to maintain order, preserve and protect the lives, peace and property of the citizens of Springfield and to enforce the laws within the framework of the United States Constitution.(973) 376-0400
Fire DepartmentThe Springfield Fire Department is career/volunteer combination fire department providing structural fire suppression, fire code enforcement, first responder medical service, operational level rescue service, operational level hazardous materials service and public fire prevention education.(973) 912-2265
Emergency ManagementThe Department of Emergency Management has several components including protecting against the impacts of natural and man-made emergencies and disaster on people, property, environment and economy in Springfield through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts. The Department is also responsible for the development and implementation of the Township's Emergency Operating Plan.(973) 376-1058
Public WorksThe mission of the Springfield Public Works Department is to maintain, repair, and improve the infrastructure of the Township. This includes the municipal roads, sidewalks, parking lots, parks, trees, buildings and sewers. This department strives to provide a high level and quality of service for Springfield residents. The Public Works Department (DPW) works with the Engineering Department on maintaining the public infrastructure of the Township. DPW also oversees: snow removal, leaf collection, recycling, bulk pick up, shade tree operations and road and park maintenance.(973) 912-8483
RecreationRecreation Department offers a wide array of year round activities and programs, including for senior citizens and a community swimming pool for the recreational benefit to meet the diverse needs of Township residents. Programs are intended to support, regulate and encourage participation in programs; and to facilitate the use and enjoyment of the Township parks and recreational facilities for the residents of Springfield.(973) 912-2227
RegistrarThe Registrar of Vital Statistics issues marriage licenses; certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates; licenses dogs and cats.(973) 912-2285
Tax AssessorThe Tax Assessor is responsible for the equitable assessment of all new, existing and improved properties within the municipality. The Assessor’s responsibilities includes processing deeds, processing building permits for assessments, maintaining and updating assessment records, maintaining records for accurate up-to-date information such as Planning, Zoning and Construction Code enforcement, complying with State mandated regulations, handling appeals, processing applications for exemptions or deductions, and compiling financial and other records for the county and state tax boards.(973) 912-2208
Tax CollectorDuties include checking all details on property tax bills for any changes for corrections, notification to banks as well as local residents. Added and omitted assessment bills are treated the same way as regular tax bills. Sewer Utility charges are also collected. Deductions such as are applied for eligible senior citizen and veterans. A purchaser of a property formerly owned by a senior citizen is billed on a pro-rated basis from the date of closing. The Tax Collector is also the Official Tax Search Officer. Real estate taxes are due quarterly* on or before the first day of February, May, August, and November. (973) 912-2204
ZoningZoning Ordinances are administrated by the Zoning Official. Zoning permits for all site improvements as well as all necessary zoning approvals are required prior to the issuance of a Construction Permit by the Construction/Building office in the Engineering Department. (973) 912-2219

Employee Directory

Department (click to sort) Contact / Email Phone Number
AdministratorZiad Andrew Shehady(973) 912-2202
Administrator's Assistant/Deputy ClerkMaryellen Brennan(973) 912-2202
Administrative AssistantKristin Ragland(973) 912-2285
Animal Control (973) 376 0400
Attorney John Johnson(973) 912-2201
Building Inspector/Construction Official Jerry Eger (973) 912-2220
Tax Assessor Edward Galante (973) 912-2207
Tax Collector Mary Jo Walsh (973) 912-2204
Court Administrator Mary Jo Banchansky (973) 912-2213
Emergency Management (973) 376-1058
Emergency Management Coordinator Scott Seidel (973) 467-3388
Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator Wally Schultz (973) 296-9797
Director of EngineeringSam Mardini (973) 912-2219
Fire Chief Carlo Palumbo(973) 912-2266
Fire Official Carlo Palumbo(973) 376-1740
First Aid (973) 376-2040
Planning Board/BOA Administrator Jennifer Law (973) 912-2221
Health Officer Lisa Gulla (973) 593-3079
Judge John H. Rosenbluth (973) 912-2213
Planning Board Chair Paul Schneier(973) 912-2221
Prosecutor Howard Egenberg(973) 912-2213
Police Chief John Cook (973) 232-4450
Public Defender Dara Poltrock & Robert Bohrod(973) 912-2213
Director of Public WorksRobert Boettcher (973) 912-8483
Director of Recreation Adam Lieb (973) 912-2227
Recycling Coordinator Robert Boettcher(973) 912-8483
Registrar Kristin Ragland(973) 912-2285
Library Director Dale Spindel (973) 376-4930
Superintendent of Schools Michael Davino (973) 376-1025
Township Clerk Linda Donnelly (973) 912-2201
Treasurer/CFO Michael Quick (973) 912-2279
Zoning Board Chairman Anthony Fonseca(973) 912-2221
Zoning Officer Robert Herbert (973) 912-2219
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