Fall 2017 Springfield Leaf Collection Update Week #6

Weather permitting, Area 3, Area 8 and Area 9 are scheduled for second round leaf collection by Department of Public Works crews beginning Monday, December 4th to be completed by Friday, December 8th.  An update with the next areas will be posted next week.

The Department of Public Works began canvassing the town for first round leaf collection starting Tuesday, November 1st.  All areas have been canvassed at least once and to date, over 6,000 cubic yards of leaves have been collected.  A third and final round of leaf collection will start Monday, December 11th.

As posted on the Department of Public Works website and stated in the annual Department of Public Works bulletin, leaves may be placed at the curb for collection, either loose or in biodegradable bags beginning October 23rd. Residents are reminded not to block catch basins in order to minimize flooding. Only leaves will be collected, piles with debris other than leaves cannot be collected because of restrictions placed on the Township at the Compost Facility.

Public Works will begin curbside collection on October 30th and continue to canvass at least twice per season until winter weather interferes.  There is no specific street schedule available.  A leaf collection schedule will be published weekly on the Township website with advance notice of what areas DPW will canvas the following week.  Residents living on a Union County road have their leaves removed by County Division of Public Works. The County has published a schedule of collection for their streets in our town.  It can be viewed at http://ucnj.org/engineering-public-works-facilities-management/leaf-removal-schedule/