2018 Annual Alarm Registration Information

Please be advised that as per Springfield Township Ordinance Chapter 17-14, all residential and commercial burglar alarms must be registered annually with the Springfield Police Department.    The annual registration fee is $15.00. Registrations are due January 15, 2018. If your residence currently has a functioning burglar alarm, it must be registered in your name.  Alarm registration fees can be submitted online at www.springfield-nj.us/alarms.   Should you install an alarm in the future, you will be required to register it.  Remember to include emergency contact information.  This information will assist the Police Department should there be an emergency involving your residence and we are unable to contact you, the homeowner.

The Police Department greatly appreciates the efforts made by citizens of Springfield to assist in crime prevention by utilizing alarm systems.  To best protect and serve the community, police officers will respond to alarm activations.  The instance of repeated alarm activations results in the reduction of police services, and availability to the community as a whole.

The Township will allow up to three (3) false alarm activations without penalty per calendar year.  In accordance with Township Ordinance Chapter 17-18, the penalties for repeated alarm activations are as follows:

0-3 activations – no charge

4-6 activations – $50.00 per occurrence

7-9 activations – $75.00 per occurrence

10 or more activations – $100.00 per occurrence

The penalty for an unregistered alarm is $15.00

The above violations are billable offenses by the Springfield Police Department.  In the case of a violation of the above ordinance, a bill with a summary of the offense will be mailed to the address of the Alarm Registrant.  Failure to remit payment may result in the issuance of a summons and a mandatory court appearance in the Springfield Municipal Court.

If you have any questions regarding Alarm Registration, please contact the Springfield Police Department Record Bureau at (973) 912-2239.