PSE&G Final Restoration Road Repaving Schedule Released

PSE&G has notified the Township of Springfield that the gas main upgrades in various neighborhoods throughout town have been completed.  Now that the ground has settled, they are returning to restore roads with permanent paving.

Their goal is to complete this work with minimal impact to residents.  Police will be directing traffic where necessary, and residents will be able to drive on the roads once paving is complete.  Residents will have access to their driveway throughout the work.

If there is parking on your street, please adhere to the dates on posted No Parking signs.  Milling & paving is scheduled between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

PSE&G has indicated to the Township that they have provided this information and more on door tags that have been hung by the contractor, Crisdel.  Questions or additional information should be directed to PSE&G by contacting Lynden Litus, Jr. at 609-584-1100 ext. 134

8/17/17 (Thursday)
a. Mill – Hillside (remaining), Mountain Ave, Henshaw, Linden
b. Pave – Winfield/Ronald, Edgewood

8/18/17 (Friday)
a. Pave – Adams, Irwin, Jefferson

8/22/17 (Tuesday)
a. Pave – Remer, Mapes, Kipling, Hillside

8/23/17 (Wednesday)
a. Pave – Mountain Ave, Henshaw, Linden