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Planning Board

The Planning Board is in charge of permitted activities within the Engineering Department. Their essential duties are to deal with policy (the Township’s Master Plan) and the implementation of that policy through the zoning, site plan and subdivision ordinances. These ordinances establish ground rules which must be met by an applicant. If the applicant meets the requirements of the particular ordinance, the board must approve the subject application. However, a site or subdivision plan can be denied if it does not fulfill a specific requirement of an ordinance.

The Planning Board meets once a month, usually the first Wednesday of the month. However, the meeting schedule may vary due to Township’s holidays and other conflicts and is set at the first meeting of the year, held in early January. All meetings are open to the public and are held in Town Hall, second floor Court/Committee room, 100 Mountain Avenue, Springfield, NJ, beginning at 7:00 P.M.

Notices of impending action by the Board generally appear in the legal notices section of the Local Source newspaper.

AdministratorJennifer Law
Mayor Jerry Fernandez
Mayor’s Representative
Deputy Mayor Ziad Shehady2016
Class IIVictoria Sarracino2016
Class IVChristopher Capodice2015-2017
Class IVJeff Tiger, Vice-chairman2015-2018
Class IVSharon Kessel2013-2016
Class IVPaul Schneier, Chairman2014-2017
Class IVAndrew Schwartz2013-2016
Class IVMichael Gonzalez2016-2018
Alternate IMichael A Dzikowski
Alternate IIDan Madden
Board EngineerMike Disko
Board PlannerRobert Michaels
Board AttorneyGlenn Kienz