Recreation Department Announces Recreation Assistant Vacancies

The Township of Springfield is announcing a new employment opportunity to fill vacancies in the Recreation Department for the position of Recreation Assistant.  Interested individuals are invited to learn more about the position and, if qualified, submit an application.  Applications will only be accepted online.

Architectural Renderings and Floor Plan Unveiled for Springfield Community Pool

The Township of Springfield has retained the services of Cornerstone Architectural Group and M. Disko Associates for architectural and engineering design of a renovated pool building.  The existing building is approximately 4,500 sq. ft. and over 50 years old.  Built in 1963, it is a one-story, seasonal building with no heat […]

Springfield Awarded Grant to Support Lacrosse Program

The Township of Springfield is proud to announce that the Springfield Recreation Department, in partnership with the Lacrosse Club of Springfield, has been awarded a Soft-Stick Equipment Grant sponsored by U.S. Lacrosse. The grant provides 15 blue soft lacrosse sticks, 15 red soft lacrosse sticks, 30 orange soft lacrosse balls, […]

Chisholm Park Lighting Project Completed

With a backdrop of softball players young and old, the Springfield Recreation Department celebrated the completion of the Chisholm Park lighting project with a brief ceremony to turn on the lights on Monday, June 26, 2017.  Springfield Recreation Director Adam Lieb oversaw the construction of the project from start to […]

Recreation Department Announces Extended Hours

In order to better serve the Springfield community, the Recreation Department announces extended office hours of 8:00 am-6:00 pm on weekdays. Staff will be available to assist residents with sports, senior citizen, and pool registrations over the phone, in-person, or online via Community Pass. Pool photo ID cards can also […]

Michael Butrico Hired as New Assistant Director of Recreation

The Springfield Recreation Department is excited to welcome Michael Butrico as the Assistant Director of Recreation. Michael recently served as the Assistant Director and the Assistant Pool Technician with the Borough of Mountainside’s Recreation Department. He previously served as the Assistant Manager of Old Bridge Township’s Senior Center. Michael earned […]

Township Begins Eliminating “Convenience” Fees Starting with Recreation

So-called “convenience” fees are often added costs associated with online transactions and credit card payments.  The Township of Springfield is slowly transitioning away from these fees, starting with online registration for all recreation programs.  While the Township does incur a merchant service fee for credit card transactions, this fee is […]