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Latest News



  • A Glimpse at Property Tax in New Jersey

    Ever ask that question why I pay the property taxes I pay? In order to answer that question, you need to consider all the factors that go into the computation of your property tax liability and how they can change, from year to year.

  • 2015 Municipal Goals Approved by Township Committee

    The Township Committee approved 2015 municipal goals at their January 11, 2015 Committee meeting.   The goals include the Committee’s goals as well as goals for each department in the Township. 

  • Springfield Morris Avenue Vision Plan is Released – Promotes Walkable Downtown

    Together North Jersey has announced the release of the Township of Springfield Morris Avenue Vision Plan final report. The Local Demonstration Project report provides a set of strategies to promote a walkable downtown for Springfield, which generally includes a several block area around Morris Avenue near the Mountain Avenue intersection. […]

  • We are looking for a few good men and women. Become an Auxiliary Police Officer and help your community

    Many people in our community were wondering what they could do to help ensure the safety and security of their family, friends and neighbors.  For the members of the Springfield Auxiliary Police, the answer was never clearer…Continue doing what we’re trained to do! PROTECT AND SERVE the residents of Springfield.

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