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Latest News


  • Pay Your November Property Taxes On-Line!

    To make it easier for residents and property owners, you can pay your fourth-quarter, November property taxes on-line. The Township of Springfield is offering the option to pay your property taxes conveniently on-line through Visa or MasterCard credit cards or checking account ACH Payment (e-Check). Using a credit card or […]

  • GRASS... Cut it and leave it - Frequently Asked Questions

    Please click here for information about the grass Cut it and Leave it benefits.

  • What You Need to Know about Ebola

    Attached is an important message from  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Ebola.  Click here for more information.  

  • 2014 Leaf Collection Schedule – A New Approach to Leaf Pickup

    The 2014 Leaf Collection Program begins on Monday, October 27, 2014. This year leaf pickup will be collected by areas on specific dates. We believe this new collection schedule will allow for a more systematic, timely, and efficient pickup by Department of Public Works staff. The Township is divided into […]

  • Public Health Tips: what you should know

    The Springfield Board of Health brings you the following important health news:   Study Treats Infants for Autism – Persistent Pertussis – Sugar Substitutes and Gut Bacteria ––Gut-Bacteria–and-Glucose-Intolerance/ The Muscle/Mind Connection –

  • What You Should Know about the Enterovirus

    Approximately 10-15 million people are infect each year with Enterovirus (EV).  You should be aware of  the virus and ways to protect yourself from EV.   Click here for more information 

  • Petition Supporting the Army Corp of Engineers Study on the Rahway River Basin Flooding Reduction

    Petition Supporting the Army Corp of Engineers Study on the Rahway River Basin Flooding Reduction – Please Sign the petition by clicking on this link

  • Next Bulk Garbage Pickup is September 17-18

    The next Township bulk garbage pickup by Regional Industries, Inc. is September 17-18.   If your garbage is picked up on Thursday, your bulk pickup will be September 17. If your garbage pickup is Friday, your bulk pickup will be September 18. All material should be out at curbside the evening […]

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